Let’s say I wasn’t the kind of person who would like to get married…

I was scared of weddings since long time ago and the idea of eating schnitzels and drinking peppermint liqueur with my great uncle sounded really creepy to me. I swore to myself to have wedding only with black dress in circus tent and after my thirties.

 The destiny wanted something else. I got married as 23 years old after 7 months long relationship.

It wasn´t in marquee, not even in black dress, however, my wedding took place on red carpet in Cannes with Converses and tulle skirt.  

Me from West Bohemia and he from Bohemian Highlands. It was 365 km distance between us and incompatible workload. Driving that huge distance is not so unusual nowadays, however, no one believed we could find same future together. There was massive wedding fever during the summer, so we could think about how would theoretically our wedding look like. And as most of the funny stories begin, after couple of bottles of wine we found an amazing idea – to get married secretly!

The very first thought was Maldives or Mauritius, but we really couldn´t imagine ourselves having romantic dinner on the beach with candles around and sound of violin nearby.  I wanted red carpet, Converses and ice cream. Ondra wanted champagne, helicopter and casino. And if really casino, where else than in Monte Carlo 😉


The wedding preparations took us about three weeks. Ondra got wedding rings, a helicopter. I got a skirt and bought Converses. The hotel staff prepared my flower just on arrival to the hotel (I am really grateful for it) and tourists made photos for us. We were walking through night Cannes, businessmen were inviting us into their hotels, bars where we could share our fresh wedding stories while enjoying delicious food and drinks. Moreover we could hear their wise ideas.

We´ve heard lots of advices and blessings for our future. This was surprisingly the most emotional part of our whole wedding. Listening all their stories and stories of their children… all the love stories they were facing to, were touching.



I was thinking of my favourite love story during the evening: “It was Friday night when funfair was happening in castle Loket. Daddy was making my lovely mum divorced at midday and then instead of shooting paper roses in caravan he shooted two “golden” rings.  They got married the same day. Mum sent message saying that she is divorced and married again. And that was it.”


There are actually answered all the questions about how our family accepted it..?

Much better than we expected! The truth is we were bit more original and we did not need telegraph.


 We got married on 17th of September 2013, our family received big red box with velvet blue bow two days later. The box was containing wedding announcement, bottle of champagne, box with wedding cookies tied up with my dress bow, part of the broken plate, macrons and couple of others surprises. They have celebrated our wedding a lot even without us!


I can say only one thing: “We would never change it!”

We are happy that our kids will not listen to typical wedding story. And I hope they will be equally courageous (foolish, if you want) and maybe they will follow us at one point.

Hopefully, we will inspire some of you as well…

Life is one long story. Don´t let anyone write your story. Don´t even pay attention if they are getting angry or mad. Don´t even pay attention if they are changing opinion on you just because of what you do. Otherwise you will let them write your story instead of you.

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Translated by: Sylvie Kabrhelová