I have no idea where to start. Namibia enthralled us in the best sense. I was personally afraid of it. The opposite has become true and I don´t think any country will surpass it in our imaginary TOP 5 countries.

We were driving 2.500 km – we went through desert, National Park Etoshou, and also through landscape looking more like Mars than our Earth. We were sleeping in tents on car roof, grilling venison, having shower outside, but we also tried the most beautiful lodge with pool in the middle of “desert”. We were really not the first and not the last ones with little kid. It didn’t stop surprising us, how many young families or seniors we met there. At one point, we compared it to “Canaries” because of the amount and the type of tourists.

I could poem about it for hours… about the feeling that you can touch the sky or how you can literally walk in stars spilled from Milky Way. But probably I would get lost in my dreams there and wouldn´t be able to reply the questions you are sending us. I would love to inspire you with the article, but mainly to help you. Therefore we will make it as article answering to the questions. Ondřej will help me because administratively it is his merit.

How to get visa to Namibia?

Ondřej: There are many ways to get visa, you cannot avoid Berlin in any case because the Namibia Embassy is located right there. Namibia was second country during our journey so I was trying to find information about getting visa on departure in Cape Town. However, I was warned vigorously that this option doesn´t lead anywhere. Thus we had to solve it quickly in Czech Republic and I found Mrs Stellova and her Stella Travel Agency which deal with Africa more than 20 years. She is in touch with Embassy in Berlin every week and has to solve decades of visas a month. Nice attitude and complete professionalism was kind surprise for us. Moreover, she arranged off-road with tent on the roof and camps in area where isn´t any AirBnB option yet. Google might help you, but Mrs Stellova will resolve it for you. PS: Thanks a lot to Mrs Stellova for organization one more time. If you need any help, visit www.mojeafrika.cz .

What do you need to arrange if you take a kid with you?

Ondřej: It is necessary to have international vaccination certificate with you. Next thing you must have is copy of child´s birth certificate. This copy must be checked and marked by court translator. Be aware it will take you about 5 days. We visited 10 African countries, so I had 5 of these copies just in case.

Do you need any special vaccination?

Namibia is not a country with compulsory vaccination of yellow fever in contrast with other African countries. It is necessary only in case you arrive from country with endemic presence of yellow fever. So for example if you stayed in Uganda and moved to Namibia, you would need the vaccination. Of course it is not very good for kids (live vaccine), so we made up our itinerary not to need any. In spite of that I had got English document saying that Elliot is not able to undergo the vaccine due to the allergy. It was just prevention if any official try to devise something. We have a lot of vaccines, but I and Elliot don´t have yellow fever vaccine. Elliot doesn´t have even typhoid fever because of his age.

Please don´t take us as example for vaccine and contact your doctor or nearest vaccination centre. They will be glad to help you and explain everything. We are not certified.

Is it safe to travel by car on my own?

Yes. But it has some rules. For example you must have itinerary with passport and add them to your request for visa. Itinerary includes except your journey also accommodation reservations or printed vouchers into individual parks. Supposedly, police officers want to see the itinerary too if they stop you somewhere. But we do not have the experience. Nevertheless, you should know you will drive off-road almost whole journey as you can see in our video.

Is it necessary to book camps in advance?

Ondřej: Yes and no, we were in Namibia in high season, so we experienced problem with accommodation near Sossossvlei (the oldest desert). I mean the cheapest and more available camps. But there was always option to find another way, e.g. further from the entrance of park etc. But you just cannot be choosy. Therefore the general rule I have for Booking and AirBnB is the sooner, the better.


How do camps work?

Camps have usually more options of accommodation – safari tent, lodge or parking place which usually include some grill. Showers are either shared either private, but always outdoor 😉 Let´s say with a bit of romantic. They will arrange charcoal or sometimes make a fire in bigger camp. The fire is for preparation your meal but also for boiling water to shower.

Some camps have small shop where you can buy meat (venison), drink etc. But it is usually very simple. We actually found only one shop where we could buy more items. If there is no shop, you can just ask at the reception. They have some meal packages in the fridge.

Where and how to hire a car?

Ondřej: It really depends what season you want to hire the car in, but I recommend searching it in advance. We provided cars similarly to visas, with www.mojeafrika.cz. Everything was arranged in advance including insurance for exact price. You can search through web but always ask for signed contract about car hire to avoid problems with empty car rental.

How is car equipped?

It has absolutely everything. Our car had two double tents on the roof. It included also camping set (4 chairs, table, dishes and cutlery), fridge, 4 pillows and 4 sleeping bags.

Note: We recommend taking USB adapter for ignition switch to charge the phone etc. There are usually older models without built-in USB. It´s not bad idea to take CD with music or spoken word as it is mostly not possible to tune any station on the radio. Listening radio or CD is really good if you drive five hours a day. This is just a recommendation if you want to hire car with camping style.

And sure, if you see petrol station just refuel full tank.

Did you take any special clothes or items with you?

We were trying to buy only white clothes for Elliot to Africa as it doesn´t attract flies and mosquitoes. You have to avoid especially blue colour! We took him one-piece overalls for sleeping to cover him as much as possible. We packed snowboard socks because nights are sometimes cold, so we gave it to Elliot few times as well. Another parenting couple which is traveling more than us recommended to buy insertion into sleeping bag. Sleeping bags similarly to pillows should be already washed; however, it is Africa so they are mostly much older than you. The cotton insertions are the best. I will give you link for our insertions down here. Of course I was carrying mosquito net from Nano fibres. You don’t need it in tent because most likely no mosquito can get in. However, I used them in some apartments. I´m not going to talk about our shooting technique, you can see it all in our video on YouTube.

Did you take any antimalarial before the trip?

No, none of us did. But again it is just your choice. When you use repellent I recommend buying the local ones as it is much more efficient.

How about food?

As tourists in Namibia you can find venison as antelope, ostrich and other. If you use lodge, you can find everything in menu and food is really good. If you use camps and eat by yourself, you will probably grill meat. It is really good to buy all you need in large cities (which means about two 😀 ) during the journey.  Otherwise it might happen that you will not find anything else than meat for long time. If you don´t like venison, buy some chicken or sausages in advance because there will be nothing to buy later. We had problem to find bakery sometimes, which makes toast bread in 90%. They were importing bread into Etoshy once a week but it was gone in a while. As I said car is including fridge so fill it up – coffee, yogurts, ketchup, butter, salt, pepper etc. Sure the most important is water, water and water. You never know what can happen and where you have to stay for hours. So it is never enough of water. Everybody always highlighted – petrol and water. So if you find a petrol station, fill everything up!

Links for individual camps and other accommodation.

Sossusvlei Lodge

Sossusvlei (the oldest desert in the world) – be aware if you want to get into area of dead trees you must walk. You can get to “picking point” by car. More experienced “desert” drivers will pick you up there for small amount. They will transfer you to the place where you can finally start walking. Well, you can also try to drive through sand by yourself. We tried it and we got stuck, of course. If you really want to try it, do it in the morning when the sand is not so warm, to avoid our problems as you can see in the video.

Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge

Zebras walking up to the house. Be careful. They like to kick


Swakopmund – don´t forget to boat trip (oysters are served). The view from boat can show you one of the three places where dunes are connecting to the ocean. You can go closer to the beach to see thousands and thousands of sea-calfs. If you are lucky you might see dolphins or whales. Moreover, you can try snowboarding on dunes in Swakopmund. It is one of the large cities where you can stock up in big shops.


The capital of Namibia.

Okonjima Lodge

Okonjima has over 22.000km² and is so called reservation of cheetahs. Except tracing cheetahs in nature you can experience awesome safari. Lodge has one whole side made with glass so you wake up and fall asleep with view to antelopes, wild pigs etc. I have to say it was the most beautiful accommodation with great food and atmosphere.

Etosha Campsite

In Etosha you can use your own car how you want, but if you are not accommodated in one of the camps you have to leave it by 7pm. There is strict prohibition of using drones. If you admit you are owner of drone, you must hand it in till you leave. Honestly we didn´t admit it as we were afraid of returning but of course we didn´t use it at all!

If you want to be woken up during the night by lion´s and elephant´s roar and if you want to have goose bumps because you sleep in the middle of national park, this is right for you. Don´t worry, the place is fenced and guarded.


Finally here is the video about toys giving from you to children in Africa.


Do you have experience with Namibia? Everyone visit different place and stay in individual destinations different time. Thud we will be glad if you share your experience with us in comments.



Translated by Sylvie Kabrhelová
IG: mily_denicku