The first holiday without Elliot!

This is going to be a bit different travel post than you know from Philippines, Bali etc…

We will definitely return to our counting flight tickets, accommodation and tips for places in local area; however, we made Miami just as a quickie. I got the flight tickets as a Birthday gift from Ondra in August. Of course, it wouldn´t be us if we don´t combine business with pleasure. 🙂

A work opportunity meeting which should take place in Miami showed up and we grabbed it. If the whole project will go well and we will see perspective, we will introduce it to you in the beginning of spring. But just so you know, somebody could outrun us or the project may collapse completely. Either way to be fair I will tell you more afterwards. 😉


Although Miami was lovely, it didn´t take my breath away. I am fan of the dirty Asia. But there was naturally the best and most beautiful jogging rout I have ever seen. It´s unbelievable that all the people really run there! It is awesome to go jogging in the morning and watch 70 years old granny outrunning you. The ice hockey is the chapter by itself. We would visit every single match. We are just one huge hockey family. I love America for many reasons, but most for the people who live there… As I wrote somewhere, I don´t know any other country that would be more patriot and based on family so much. Well, we talk about their commercial Christmas, big smiles, mentality, but mostly the people who could never meet them are those who keep saying this story all the time. I used to live in Idaho for one year, Ondra used to live in Miami couple of months and in LA as well. And we really don´t know more patriotic people supporting each other. Czech people are very similar to them especially during the ice hockey match. I mean Worlds Cup, Olympiad etc. 😀

Well, the main thing is that we have left Elliot at home. Elliot Home Alone!! 😀

I was wondering how it will be, how he takes it, how we take it and how he will welcome us. Nothing special happed, I was actually a little sorry for it. Elliot was really enjoying the stay in granny´s house. He did fall asleep immediately, he didn´t wake up at all and didn´t even cry. He settled down with granny and didn´t care about the new bed. He didn´t even care about the fact that the Yorkshire who was usually stealing cookie became a tax office suddenly stealing whole bag of cookies…

Of course, I was happy he is alright. But the welcome was so cold that I had to smile how naïve I am. 😀 He smiled, gave us a kiss and returned to play with his car.

So if you are just making decision if or when to go somewhere without your kid, if you hesitate or worry, just stop it. Maybe you don´t want listen to this fact, but kids don´t care about us that much. At least this is our experience!

I have to say, we realised right there that it wouldn´t be ideal to be there with him. Elliot is 11 months old, he can´t walk yet and he stuffs something into his mouth all the time. He would be like desert lizard will mouth full of sand and scratched belly and knees…

We weren´t accommodated in hotel with kids allowed so the idea of him running by the pool is crazy too. If I imagine how his feet slide on the wet floor, how he stands up and how he hacks his teeth by the lounger… no, no!

We really enjoyed the childless holiday as a teenagers, and of course we didn´t cry. Sure it was also because we knew Elliot is taken care of properly. It is really awesome to give your child babysitting with knowing that granny look forward and take it as a reward. Everyone was happy. Just happy end!

Your common question on IG is “why” we don´t fly with Elliot. The answer is simple – vaccination. I really don´t want to cause a discussion about traveling by aeroplane with babies, so please accept it as our opinion and decision. But if this is right way for us doesn´t mean it´s good for you. You don´t need to have the same way. We don´t want to force it to anyone and I do understand if someone need to judge us. We look forward to our traveling together with our little boy, but this will really not happen till his 15 months. We have passed couple of consultations with paediatrician about vaccination, because for example measles are vaccinated in 15 months of baby age which is lethal for those who are not unvaccinated. Last year 27 infants died during one month after immigrant´s arrival in Germany. Mothers stopped traveling with infants even with public transport for some time. An aeroplane is close space where about 300 people breathe the same air for X hours, so that´s it. I absolutely don’t judge people who travel with kids from 6 weeks of their age. I am just jealous. Maybe I´m paranoid but we already set it up in our minds and we don´t care anymore. World will not break down because of few months.

Translated by Sylvie Kabrhelová
IG: @mily_denicku