How did it happen?
We’ve always flirted with traveling nonstop, but we had no idea how to do it.
This is our story.
Kamila lived at Idaho at age 16, where she was snowboarding and studying English. Ondrej stayed for a while in Miami and also in LA for english school. Our journey started in 2013, when we get secretly married after 7 months dating – you can read about our wedding in Cannes here – WEDDING
We are not sure if it was because the pictures, a story, or an outfit, but our wedding in Convers shoes and tulle skirt on the red carpet has somehow “touched” people. Our personals FB profiles get full of questions about our wedding. That was the moment when we decided to start the blog and with it first article about our wedding.
We mainly wrote about our low cost travel, prices, we added tips and links where and how to go. We just wanted to inspire readers not be afraid to travel on their own. But before we were able to travel the world, Elliot came to our life and our whole world began to spin around him. 🙂
With Elliot blog get new and different dimension, different readers, family themes, and of course a focus on traveling with children.
We are ordinary parents, but we were always weird in our souls. Material things are sure bonus, but we never wanted house, gardening, etc. We still had the idea to start playing with life differently than we were used to. Maybe we were too young to feel burnt and too old to risk. But…
In 2017, we decided to change our life and leave the comfort of our home in the Czech Republic and exactly after 4 years from our wedding we escaped again on September 17th we ran in to the world as a family.
Czech full time travel bloggers who learned how to properly use a camera and drones in a professional way while siting on the floor in the hotel bathroom while their baby was sleeping next to the room. Yes, it does not sound fabulous but this is us @theSIKLS :).
In the Czech Republic, we had long collaborated with local and also international companies and brands through our blog and social networks. Now we are working the same way, except we also travel and work with hotels, resorts and brandy throughout the world.
We do not know whether we will return to the Czech Republic or we will travel forever, but we will be glad when you keep in touch with us.
Kamila (27), Ondřej (30) and Elliot (2)
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