Cayman Islands without caymans, but with rays!

We were laundering a lot on Cayman Islands, but only dirty clothes. Therefore, any of these jokes about the island don’t concern us. But true is that Ondra bet the lottery yesterday, so who knows. 😀

The name of these small islands is associated with kind of “posh” life and also with wrong assumption about animals called caymans (crocodiles) whose don´t occur here and actually never did; at least according to memories of local people.

We had them nearby because we were in Mexico at that time and good price of flight tickets didn´t let us hesitating for long time. We were leaving Mexico during earthquake again, so the first day on islands we were woken up by warning message about danger coming.  We had no idea what´s going on in the beginning, however, after watching CNN we found out that tsunami might come to Caymans due to earthquake in Mexico. Well, I can tell you it was really not very good feeling. And much less comfortable was the fact that our “house” was situated right on the beach (see the video), so we were watching through glass door to the sea and checking if it there is no ebb.  Local people didn´t seem to be afraid even though they had no idea where to go or what to do in this case. There is really no place to go or to hide. The island is just flat. J Naturally, there was no drama in the end so Caymans could continue with calm island´s life.

Cayman Islands are famous for swimming with rays which was one of the reasons why we couldn´t miss it. The weather was really great so we could spend one day on the sea with this fabulous animals whose were coming to us to “cuddle” on the open sea.

I know many of you have certain prejudices to these animals, however, rays are similar to any other animals, and they could attack you only in moment they feel in threat or danger. I don´t refute the possibility that really whatever could happen in life, and therefore it is necessary to be respectful and humble. Crew of the ship will train you before you meet the rays and they will tell you exactly how to act to them to avoid any danger.

The rest of our holiday was in calm, even holiday spirit – see the video.

If you have any experience or recommendation about Cayman Islands we will be happy if you share them with all of us in comments.


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Translated by Sylvie Kabrhelová
IG: mily_denicku