Travel bloggers from Czech living on the road.

How did all begin?

We get married after 7months dating! Our secret Wedding in Cannes in Converse shoes and tulle skirt on the red carpet kinda get famous and inspire hundreds and hundreds of people.

After the magazine published the article about our wedding, we received hundreds of inquiries, and this created the first article on the theme that started with the blog. You can read it here – Wedding on red carpet. Our blog theSIKLS during the first months of blogging has become one of the TOP 4 blogs in the Czech Blog Awards 2015 at discovery category.

Before we could turn around, the nomad # 3 named ELLIOT was born to us on December 12, 2015 and over time he became our compass. He is one of the main reasons why we decided to change the direction of our journey. In 2017 we quit our business, activities and decided to take a break. We bought a one-way ticket – the direction of Asia, where we fly is not quite certain, but we will be happy if keep in touch with us …

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Hong Kong


Bali – Lombok, Gili

Philippines – Boracay, Bohol, Cebu



America – Hawai, Bahamas, Idaho, LA, Kuba, Aruba


We are not tourist,we are travellers.

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Snowboarder with gipsy soul, lost between mountains and stars.
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Born on snow but learning how to flow on the waves during my adventure around the world.